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Passionate about Individual Giving

Legacy and In Memory fundraising are sensitive areas which many fundraisers find daunting. Inspiring Fundraisers are a Leeds-based partnership focused on helping charity fundraisers improve their communications with bereaved donors, legacy prospects and executors. We offer training, mentoring and copywriting support, helping to maximise donor engagement with your charity and make every conversation count.

Contact Allison or Kirsty to discuss how we can work with your charity.

“Over a number of years Allison and Kirsty delivered results with a passion and dedication that reflected their total concern for the people they served.  I am thrilled that they are now seeking to renew their partnership and I am confident that together, they will continue to make a real difference … with their knowledge, experience and passion for the charity and voluntary sector.” 

Les Sudron, Former Head of Fundraising, MHA (Methodist Homes for the Aged)